Closing the gap one mechanic at a time

Everyday we have an opportunity to find creative solutions in the service segment across many industries.

The answers to many of these problems are simple. Applying the answers are where it becomes exciting and challenging. Because applying them isn’t simple.

I was reminded one evening how challenging some of these simple problems can be. While having a conversation with a recent mechanic turned supervisor. He was frustrated about how difficult things were being made. As we walked me through his thought process on the issue at hand I listened proudly. He’d learned a lot. But he had more to learn. He was extremely frustrated.

It was teaching time… By all accounts in this case he was right, but I needed him to look past that. Because in the minds of those he was frustrated with so were they. And I was in no place to disagree with either.

We spent the next two hours talking through this and other situations. At one point I asked him if he was ready to go back into a truck and just be a mechanic. His response was priceless. He said “Too easy, no. I’m never going back into a truck. I never realized the impact I could make”.

We didn’t solve everyone’s mechanic shortage that evening but we shared some great ideas. He has taken a few other mechanics under his wing and has challenged them to grow.

He also reminded me that we have the solutions and we are using it. He is proof.

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